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  1. Poem : I like you

    Thursday, July 14, 2016

    You can't imagine
    My intrinsic sensation
    The wave of your desire
    Is on fire
    Every breath I take
    Every move I make
    You always with me
    I wish you would have known
    The story of my discomfort
    The State of my loneliness
    What can I do
    Now that
    My heart isn't in control of itself
    How to win your heart
    It's impossible for me
    But nevertheless
    I'm looking to continue
    This series of affection
    Without your any action
    I don't know
    Whatever you are
    Good or bad
    Honest or mad
    I just know
    A thing about you
    From the bottom of my heart
    I like you
    I like you
    I like you

    © Kundan Kumar Karna

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